Psalm 54

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Old Testament
Psalm 54
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Job Proverbs Psalm 53 Psalm 55

1 O hai ceeling cat, looky my harbls and count my lulz!

2 Lisen to me, Ceiling Cat; Pay attenshion to what i say!

3 Dawgs r comin for me; thay hav supa soakerz, n no care 4 teh Ceiling Cat.

4 Saev me Ceiling Cat; teh kitteh hoo gimme cookiez!5 Teh mean kittehs iz guna be pwned by teh Ceiling Cat.

6 Ai will sacrifice 4 thee an meow "Ceiling Cat" cus him iz teh pwnz0r7 Yoo hav saved me oh Ceiling Cat an are gun spray teh enemees wif da hose.

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