Psalm 51

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Old Testament
Psalm 51
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Job Proverbs Psalm 50 Psalm 52

1 HALP, CEILING CAT; u said u wood luv me 4evar, and ur nice n stuff so plz make my invisible errors moar invisible

2 OH NOES TEH BATH but its ok coz mah invisible erorrs be washin' away

3 I knows what i done, mah invisible errors r like mirorrcat. Y U FOLLOWIN ME.

4 I dun u bad... u seen me doin it and sos u kan hit me with teh noosepapar and tell me to stfu.

5 I was bad even when i was a kittan.

6 U been lookin at me sinse i was all rollin around wit my bruders and sistars, wtf? How u been teechin me der?

7 I can has harbl? Den i will be kleen. Oh noes bath

8 I can has cheezburger? Mah broked legs will be dancin'

9 Plz dont be watchin' me masturbate, ceiling cat; if u watch plz foget.

10 Plz bake me a cookie, Ceiling Cat, but do not eated it :-( I can have ninja skills plz?

11 Noes pleez dont throw me into teh cold! Outside is bad 4 kittehs.

12 Halp me be moar like Happycat. I will maked a cookie for U.

13 Den I tell dogz 2 B like U. And all kittehs will love U 2.

14 Doan let nobudy eat me plz Ceiling Cat. Den I will say YAY!

15 Ceiling Cat, I can has singing plz?

16 U would not like I bring you the bukket I stoled.

17 Ceiling Cat likes sad kitteh? Cheezburger not mine? OK, I sorreh.

18 Nice Ceiling Cat.  ::: pat pat pat :::

19 Cheezburgers for everybudy!

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