Psalm 5

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Old Testament
Kitteh David prepairz 2 raid bad kittehz.

1 Lissen, Ceiling Cat, 2 mah meowin.

2 Lissen 2 mah meowin, mah boss an mah Ceiling Cat, cuz I iz talkin 2 u. Rly.

3 I iz meowin in teh mornin, Ceiling Cat, an I iz watchin 4 u.

4 Cuz u do not want bad stuffz, and no bad cheezburgrz too.

5 And u do not liek dum peeplz or bad peeplz.

6 U wil pwnz trash-talkers an KSers.

7 Iz I can be in ur guild plz? I sharez cheezburgr, k thx.

8 We can haz raid in ther base, an not aggro teh dog.

9 Theyz all trash-talkin, stealin ur burgrz, an tryin to haz props but they sux.

10 Pwn dem, O Ceiling Cat; taek burgrz an giev 2 me; throw dem in teh alleyz; dey are bad kittehz.

11 And den givez happy face to gud kittehz: let em purr an nap cuz you liek dem: let gud kittehz haz cheezburgr.

12 Cuz Ceiling Cat lieks gud kittehz, an u gievz him gud cat bedz.

Psalm 5
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