Psalm 48

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Old Testament

1 Leet iz be Ceiling Cat, and mostest wurthy of prayze, in teh sandbox of owr Ceiling Cat, his holee mountan.

2 Itz pritty since iz be loftee, iz be joy of da hole urths. Liek the tippy-top of Zaphon iz Mount Zion, teh sandbox of teh leet King.

3 Ceiling Cat iz in her bases, bein all her bases.

4 Wen teh kingz joind up and stormd owt

5 dey sawd her an wuz liek, “WTF!!!” and ranz away.

6 dey wuz shakin and hurtin lieks laydee sqweezin owt a baby.

7 Yu pwned dem liek da boatz of Tarshish wuz pwned bai da eest wind.

8 Liek az we hearded, so we haz saw in teh sandbox of teh Almightee Ceiling Cat: him makes her sekur for evr. Selah! (wat diz meen!?)

9 Wez in yur temple, Ceiling Cat, thinkin bout yur luv.

10 Liek yur name, Ceiling Cat, yur prayzez goez to teh endes of teh urths; yur rite paw iz full wif righchusnez.

11 Mount Zion lols, alsoz lols teh sandboxes of Judah, cuz of yur jugementz.

12 Wandah round Zion, be countin her towahz,

13 be thinkin bout her rampartz, alsoz be thinking bout her bases, soez yu can be tellin future kitties bout dem.

14 For dis Ceiling Cat iz be owr Ceiling Cat, for evr and evr, and iz be owr leadah to teh endz. Srsly.

Psalm 48
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