Psalm 47

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Old Testament
for teh big caterwauleh. A pslam by teh sunz of Korah

1 maiow, pat ur pawses all u neshuns. purr to ceiling cat wif teh voisses of trumf!

2 for Yahweh most high is oarsum. He r a graet king ovr teh erth.

3 he squisheses neshuns under us liek a monorail cat.

4 he chooseses r cookies for us teh gloreh of Jacob who he loveded. Bukkit!

5 cieling cat has gone up wif a roarr. Yahweh wif the noises of teh trumpet.

6 purr prayses to ceiling cat, purr prayses. Purr prayses to our king, purr prayses.

7 for ceiling cat is teh king of awl teh erth. Purr prayses cos u noes.

8 ceiling cat rules teh neshuns ceiling cat r on teh sofa!

9 teh prinsses of teh mans r togevvr teh manses of teh ceiling cat of Abraham for teh erth r ceiling cat's he is teh biggeh

Psalm 47
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