Psalm 46

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Old Testament
A Mightee Hidey Place is Our Ceiling Cat

1 Ceiling Cat iz our hidey place and our strenf, he iz dere for all timez we sez, "hlep!"

2 We iz not teh skered, even if the Urf eated itself and mountinz fallz down into oshun

3 Even if waterz go RAWR and mountains go RAWR

4 Dere is river wif streamz that make Ceiling Cat's citee pleased, is holy place where only holyist can sit and lick harblz.

5 Ceiling Cat iz inside her, she is not fall down. Ceiling Cat wakez her up with gentul pawslap to faec.

6 Nationz iz angry, kingdoms fallz, Ceiling Cat meowz loud and Urf turnz to smoosh liek wet fud.

7 CEILING CAT IS WIF US, the Cat of Jakob is our hidey place.

8 Come and seez the wurks of the CEILING CAT, the mightee scratchez he haz maded on the Urf.

9 He makez warz stop to the endz of da Urf; he breakz the claws and shatterz the teef, he burninates the kitty carriers wif fire.

10 "Make quietz, and seez I am Ceiling Cat; I am bestest in ur cuntrees, everyone is want wurship me on Urf."

11 Celing Cat Almightee is wif us; the Cat of Jakob is our hidey place.

Psalm 46
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