Psalm 45

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Old Testament

1 Meh hart is can be oberflode wit many goodz themez;
 I tellz my tayulz abowt da Kingz;
 Meh tung bez da pen uv a reddy riter.

2 Yew be shinyer den teh kidz of manz, srsly;
 Teh grase be dumpt upon j00 moufz;
 Dat meanz Ceiling Cat has gived you cheezbrgr 4 eva
3 Gloo Ur sharp stikz all on Ur thie, O Beefeh Onez,
 Wit Ur shinyness an Ur majesties..
4 An in Ur majesties ride wiff lots of moniez 'cuz uv trufe, humilitiez, and wighteousnessess;
 An Ur rite hand will beez uv teaching Yew awesomeful thingz.
5 Ur arrowz be shawp in teh hart uv teh King’s eminees;
 Teh peoplez fall undur Yew.

6 Yer thrown, O Ceiling Cat, be ferevah and evah;
 A shiny stik uv wighteousnessess be teh shinky stik uv teh floor.
7 j00 has a love fore teh wighteousnessess and you be hatin teh ebil;
 So cuzza dat Ceiling Cat, Ur Ceiling Cat, said you can has cheezburger
 Wit teh most flavrful flavrz evor made, moar den Ur bffs.
8 All Ur clothz be smelling good wiff allowz n stuff,
 From teh shiney white places, wat haz maed youz happeh.
9 Kingz dotters arez hangin' out wiff Ur sweet sweet laydeez; At Ur rite hand is chillin teh kween in teh shiny yelloh metalz from Ophir.

10 Hay! Pay atenshun, O dotter,
 Fink carefullies and maek shure yu heer;
 Furget about ur own d00dz, an ur Daddy's howse;
11 So dat da King will think you be super hawttz;
 'Cuz Him be ur Lawd, so yew bettr know him be sweet.
12 An teh dotter of Tyre will comes wiff a treasure for yoo;
 Even dem wiff lots of monies will want to be ur favorite.

13 Teh royal dotter be all shiney wit da palace d00dz;
 Her wearz be made wiff teh shiny yellow mettal.
14 After puttin' on teh ritz, she will go to teh King;
 Teh laydeez who know not whur teh harbl goes, the wimmenz who are her bffs, are also goings to be a treasure for you.
15 They will say 'O hai!' and has many happiez;
 And be in ur palace, srsly.

16 Ur daddies will leaf an ur kidz will be dere,
 And it's ok if u wantz them to of be being a prinse.
17 I will makes you famus for all da chillens in da fyucher;
 So teh ppl will give yew cheezburgrz ferevar n evar. kthnxbai.

Psalm 45
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