Psalm 44

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Old Testament
Psalm 44
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1 For teh bigcat, leader of the Korahites, thoz peeplz wif meat thngs made in pans. Deelish.

2 O Ceiling Cat, you puts yer werdz in our earz and it tikkles a hootinannie beengbang. Owr old grampycats have tuld us the stuf yu did in grampycats-days, liek you are older than grampycats. An dids it with yur own paw in days of grampycats. Yur old.

3 Yu root owt kittehs flowrbedz to plant grampycats like theyr plantz, crushed da littl kittiez to make rooom for grampycats. Okays 4 yu buts ai getz spankies wen ai digz up flowrbedz.

4 Grampycats didnt hafta do nuthin, no catsfites. Laziecats. It wus yur rite paw, an sum more paw, an da lite of yur own blinky wskrs cuz yu lieked dem owr grampycats fer sum reesn. kthx.

5 Yur mai bigcat Ceiling Cat. an W00t Jacobcat!

6 Thru yu we batter owr foes; thru yur name, trampl dem. Liek we puts dem in cookiedo mixbatter masheen an press Chomp.

7 Owr bows n arrwz n sords prtty much sux but thts ok.

8 Cuz yu does it fr us. Squrtgunnd teh haters. thx.

9 In Ceiling Cat we bostd teh livlong day; liek "we roolz, Ceiling Cat dubl-roolz" frevrs. selah-rsly.

10 But nowz yu liek sayz "bad kittehs buhbye" an owr armiez cant fnd yu nowerz, srsly y?

11 Yu maek us hitailz-it b4 teh foe; an den dem takes ar cheezburgrs whil wur runnin awy. owchypoo.

12 Wer liek sheep 2B fud, ans ai lieks lamchopz but ai no wantz 2be lamchopz fud. Den wer liek cupcaek sprnkels but sprnkels rrlly far awy. Ai lieks sprnkels lots in wun spot. Xsept if itz on teh flor an ai canz licks it up but mosly ai lieks mai sprnkelfrends close 2me.

13 Den wers liek sold away. Wer sold away 4 no dollerz. Srsly, yur weerd. Ais wrth liek $20 dollerz at leist. 20 zillien dollerz.

14 Mai naybercats ar meen.

15 Den teh othr nations say liek "yur nation knda sux" an ther kittehs shake ther hedz at us.

16 All teh livlong day im mbarresd.

17 Mai naybercats sez "yu knda sux 2."

18 Stl wef not 4gottn yu. Hai did yu get mai message? Ais liek "srsly ai stl haf yur nmber. "

19 Owr hartz ar stl sumwhers an wer stl playn follw-teh-bigcatleader.

20 Now WER liek the ChompChomp masheen cookiedo batter. Ths sad. Liek a place srsly covrd in jackals an thos ar liek dogz! OH NOs OH NOs ths sux, doggiepooz!

21 If we 4got the name of Ceiling Cat, stretched out owr paws to nother ceiling cat,

22 Ceiling Cat wud B liek, "yur so ded littl kittehs" cuz Ceiling Cat knos owr hartz, rite? Xsept me, ai gots a secrt lieking 4 clam chowder. deelish but dont tellz him.

23 4 yu we get owches. Wer liek sheep 2B fud. Ai told yu alredy, srsly.

24 Wakey! Why yu slpn Ceilin Cat? Up up! Wer lonly srsly.

25 Why yu play peekabu. Maeks us feel ouches. Ai criz a tear. owch.

26 Wer bowed down to teh grownd an its rlly dirty an der's worms. Ew, slimey. No way Jacobcat, dont yu eatz teh wormz! Srsly gross! dont eatz teh wormz!

27 Wakey Ceiling Cat. Pleaz? Kiss it bettr k? srsly, dis sux. kthx.

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