Psalm 40

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Old Testament

4 Teh Directa of Teh Music. A Psalm ov David

1 iz waiting fur teh ceiling cat; tearz is on mai cheekz an he sez "oh, hai!"

2 he lifts mi out of durty litturs box an putz me on teh kichun florr

3 he putz new meow in mai mouf, meow of praiz fo’ he. allz will see an leep an curlz up in da lap of he.

4 warm is teh cat who make he hiz lap, doez no fear teh dogz, t’ tho wo purrz to ‘tend sky hol.

5 mahni, o cat mi cat, ar teh wonderz yeh hav dun. teh th’ngz yeh plan’d fer uz no un can recon to yeh; wer mi to meow an tellz of tehm, tehy wud be too mani meowz.

6 let looze an offer’ng yeh didnz desire, buh mi nailz yeh haf clip’d; burnt ofr’ngz an s’n offer’ngz yeh didnz make rulez ov.

7 Den i sed, "her im, i has come - It written bout me in da scroll.8 i desire 2 do ur will, o mah ceilin cat; Ur law iz within mah hart."9 i proclaim righteousnes in da great assembly; I no seal mah lips, As u knoe, o lord.10 i no hide ur righteousnes in mah hart; I speek ov ur faithfulnes an salvashun. I no conceal ur luv an ur truth Frum teh great assembly.11 do not withhold ur mercy frum me, o lord; Cud ur luv an ur truth always protect me.12 4 troublez without numbr surround me; Mah sins has overtaken me, an i cant c. They r moar than teh hairs ov mah head, An mah hart fails within me.13 be pleezd, o lord, 2 save me; O lord, come quickly 2 halp me.14 cud all hoo seek 2 taek mah life Be put 2 shame an confushun; Cud all hoo desire mah ruin Be turnd bak in disgrace.15 cud dose hoo say 2 me, "aha! Aha!" Be appalld at their own shame.16 but cud all hoo seek u Rejoice an be glad in u; Cud dose hoo luv ur salvashun always say, "teh lord be exaltd!"17 yet im poor an needy; Cud teh lord finkz ov me. U r mah halp an mah deliverr; O mah ceilin cat, do not delay.

Psalm 40
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