Psalm 36

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Old Testament

1 Der be a propcey in meh hert 'bout da pointless eorrors of teh eivl dud. der no f3ar of ceilin cat not in him

2 He be all liek, "lok at meh, I be pretteh" nd dey nt see teh notgud stuffs he des.

3 He be all lies. He haz no brin nd does eivl.

4 Evn when he be dyin he haz teh eivl, nd he sez he doez haz good.

5 Yur lvings be all over teh Ceilin.

6 Celing cat haz da goodnes. Ceiling cat does gud fings for deh pplz. Srsly.

7 Yur gudnes be all niec n stuff. Liek shade on a hot day, and we haz sweaty.

8 Dey eat en drink yur stuff. it be gud, srry we no ask, don't smitte plz?

9 U be youthyfiy us. Yur lite be all litey n shine on stuff, n I like chasing eit

10 Plz still luvs us, we needz it bad. We be haz teh gud, rite?

11 Dnt let teh paws of teh eivl guys touch me, i needz meh Ceilin catz

12 Throw dem bad guyz down, cuz I no liek dem plxkaythxbai. Srsly.

Psalm 36
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