Psalm 35

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Old Testament

1 Contend, o lord, wif dose hoo contend wif me; Fight against dose hoo fight against me.2 Taek up shield an bucklr; Arize an come 2 mah aid.3 Brandish spear an javelin [a] Against dose hoo pursue me. Say 2 mah soul, "im ur salvashun."4 Cud dose hoo seek mah life Be disgracd an put 2 shame; Cud dose hoo plot mah ruin Be turnd bak in dismay.5 Cud they be liek chaff before teh wind, Wif teh angel ov teh lord drivin them away;6 Cud their path be dark an slippery, Wif teh angel ov teh lord pursuin them.7 Since they hid their net 4 me without cause An without cause dug pit 4 me,8 Cud ruin overtaek them by suprize— Cud teh net they hid entangle them, Cud they fall into teh pit, 2 their ruin.9 Den mah soul will rejoice in da lord An delight in his salvashun.10 Mah whole bean will exclaim, "hoo iz liek u, o lord ? U rescue teh poor frum dose 2 strong 4 them, Teh poor an needy frum dose hoo rob them."11 Ruthles witnesez come fwd; They queshun me on things i knoe nothin bout.12 They repay me evil 4 gud An leef mah soul forlorn.13 Yet when they wuz ill, i put on sackcloth An humbld myself wif fastin. When mah prayers returnd 2 me unanzwerd,14 I went bout mournin As though 4 mah frend or brothr. I bowd mah head in grief As though weepin 4 mah mommy.15 Butt when i stumbld, they gatherd in glee; Attackers gatherd against me when i wuz unaware. They slanderd me without ceasin.16 Liek teh ungodly they maliciously mockd [b] ; They gnashd their teeth at me.17 O lord, how long will u look on? Rescue mah life frum their ravagez, Mah preshus life frum thees lions.18 Im gonna giv u thx in da great assembly; Among throngs ov peeps im gonna praize u.19 Let not dose gloat ovar me Hoo r mah enemiez without cause; Let not dose hoo hate me without reason Maliciously wink teh eye.20 They do not speek peaceably, But devize false accusashuns Against dose hoo liv quietly in da land.21 They gape at me an say, "aha! Aha! Wif r own eyez we has seen it."22 O lord, u has seen dis; be not silent. Do not be far frum me, o lord.23 Awaek, an rize 2 mah defense! Contend 4 me, mah ceilin cat an lord.24 Vindicate me in ur righteousnes, o lord mah ceilin cat; Do not let them gloat ovar me.25 Do not let them finkz, "aha, jus wut we wantd!" Or say, "we has swallowd him up."26 Cud all hoo gloat ovar mah distres Be put 2 shame an confushun; Cud all hoo exalt themselvez ovar me Be clothd wif shame an disgrace.27 Cud dose hoo delight in mah vindicashun Shout 4 joy an gladnes; Cud they always say, "teh lord be exaltd, Hoo delights in da well-bean ov his servant."28 Mah tongue will speek ov ur righteousnes An ov ur praisez all dai long.

Teh Footnotez

  • a - Psalm 35:3 or an block teh wai
  • b - Psalm 35:16 septuagint; hebrew cud meen ungodly circle ov mockers .
Psalm 35
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