Psalm 33

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Old Testament

1 Sing teh happeh songs for teh Ceiling Cat, cuz that maek him happeh. Srsly.

2 Maek teh cool songs wif ur guitars and ur keyboards about teh Ceiling Cat.

3 Maek up ur own songs for him, but don be a n00b, be gud at playin ur guitars.

4 Teh Ceiling Cat nevur lies, if he sez he give u Cheezburgr, den he give u cheezburgr.

5 Ceiling Cat lieks all teh good things. Srsly. Teh urfs is full of his cheezburgrz.

6 Ceiling Cat maded teh urfs all by himselfs. Just by breethin, cuz he is that cool.

7 He cud, liek, put all the waterz into a big jar if he felt liek it. But he dusn't.

8 Be afraid of Ceiling Cat! Srsly, he cud taek away ALL teh cheezburgrz. Be respekting of him, srsly.

9 Cuz all he did was spaek, and it maded teh urfs. all teh cheezburgrz are bcuz of him.

10 He is liek totally in charge of ALL teh goingz on. if he DO NOT WANT you do sumthin', he stop you.

11 But if what you want to do is teh saem as Ceiling Cat's plans, that is cool.

12 All teh gud peoplez who are singing teh songs to teh Ceiling Cat will get lots of cheezburgrz. Ceiling Cat lieks you, and he picked you bcuz ur songs wer cool.

13 Ceiling Cat luks down from teh Ceiling at all teh peoplez.

14 It is eazy bcus he is up so high!

15 Ceiling Cat maded u. Srsly. All teh thingz u do, is bcuz he lets u!

16 No Just bcuz ur armiez r big, does not maen u can has win teh battelz.

17 Evun if u r reely strong, u can not has teh biggest cheezburgr.

18 But Ceiling Cat feelz bad for all teh n00bz, specially teh onez who r afraid of him.

19 Ceiling Cat gives u all teh cheezburgz, u no can has hungriez.

20 All teh good kittehs wait for teh Ceiling Cat bcuz he be protekting them. srsly.

21 He maeks us happeh and we sing for teh Ceiling Cat!

22 Pleez to be laiking us and teh songz we maded about u, Ceiling Cat!

Psalm 33
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