Psalm 3

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Old Testament

A psalm uf David. Wen he rund awai frum him sun Absalom.

1 o Ceiling Cat, how lotz da r mah foez! srlsy!
 how lotz da rize up against me! I iz scareded!

2 lotz da r sayin ov me,
 "Ceiling Cat will not delivr him. U can no haz delivr. Not evn pizzas lol"
 selah (wtf lolz!)

3 but u r shield arownd me, o Ceiling Cat,
 liek a force fieldz frum star trek;
 u gives cheezburgrz on me an lift up mah head. Thx.

4 Tu teh Ceiling Cat i cry aloud,
 an he anzwers me frum his hole in da ceiling.
 selah (wtf omg srsly lol!)

5 i lie down an sleeps in my serta memry foam bed (is comfort);
 i waek again,
 cuz teh Ceiling Cat sumtime he gets nait crazies an chazes invisible mouse thru da livings room
 and I r liek omg wtf.

6 im gonna not fear teh tens ov thousandz
 evn tho dey all ovrz

7 arize, o Ceiling Cat!
 delivr me cheezburgers, o mah Ceiling Cat!
 strike all mah enemiez on teh jawz, and pees on their carpets an sleep in theyr laundrie;
 break teh teeth ov teh wickd and sharpen clawz on couch
 and then pretend u did not do nething bad k thx.

8 frum teh Ceiling Cat comez deliverance and many cheezburgrs and cookiez.
 cud ur blesin be on ur peeps.
 selah (lol lolz!)

Psalm 3
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