Psalm 27

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Old Testament
Psalm 27
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Of David.

1 Oh, hai! CEILING CAT is my cheezburgr.
   who i iz scard of?
   CEILING CAT is my kitteh bed—
   who i iz scard of ffs?

2 Wen skript kidehs DOS me
   to nok me offline
   when trols n lusers atak me w/ teh BFG,
   tehy wil trip on it.

3 If a crew raid me,
   I not chikn;
   even if tehy stole my bike,
   i stil rulz!

4 One thing I askz 4, O CEILING CAT, plz,
   this is what I luk 4. Ready?:
   evry dai, srsly,
   yumy laik CEILING CAT's beleh fuz
   cuz cheezburgrz bring me closer 2 u kthx.

5 For wehn Brian Peppers cums 4 me
   CEILING CAT keepz me sayf;
   he hidez me in his tabby-nacle
   n putz me on top of book shelf.

6 Then i iz lookz down on nmes
   above the nmes taht suround me;
   at his tabby-nacle I will sacrifice a mouse w00t!;
   I will sing "We Are teh Champyons" 4 CEILING CAT.

7 Hear me meow, O CEILING CAT,
   DO NOT WANT u 2 pwn me. Hit me up on mesenger plz.

8 I getz feelin i sposed 2 fynd ur fuz face r sumptin,
   Ur fuz face, CEILING CAT, I luks 4.

9 No hydz ur fuz face frm me plz,
   no get pised of @ me plz;
   cuz u hav helpd me ffs.
   no putz me on ignor list,

10 Even if mom n dad kill filter me,
   CEILING CAT wil readz al my emailz.

11 Teach me skilz, O CEILING CAT;
   show me how 2 pwn
   skript kidehs.

12 Do not giv tehm r00t on my servr,
   cuz tehy sez tehy pwn me already ffs,
   ther breath stinkz of hot pokets n diet pepsi.

13 Im shur:
   I wil seez teh fuzy beleh of CEILING CAT
   b4 I diez.

14 Wait for CEILING CAT;
   hez comin srsly
   wait for CEILING CAT kthx bai.

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