Psalm 26

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Old Testament
Psalm 26
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Of David

1 Gives me cheezburgr, O CEILING CAT,
   for I m nice to kittehs;
   I haz trust in CEILING CAT
   no dowt.

2 Snif me, O CEILING CAT, n nible
   my organ meatz;

3 cuz u luv me so much ffs,
   n i walk in ur troofzorz.

4 I not pm w/trollz,
   I not mssg w/ retardz;

5 I hatz teh d00d made YT of u chasin ur tail
   n DO NOT WANT chow mane w/ cat in it.

6 I lick mi paus w/ inosint tung,
   hang out by ur kitteh bed, O CEILING CAT,

7 goin w00t! n stuf
   n spaming al te kewl stuf u did.

8 I luvz teh ceiling ware u liv, O CEILING CAT,
   teh ceiling ware u r al kewl n stuf.

9 Plz do not pwn mi sole laik teh invisibly erroneous,
   plz do not let trollz pwn all my base,

10 taht flame tfo me w/ left hanz,
   n rite hanz clik on sub 7.

11 But I iz gud;
   so giv me fud. (cheezburgr plz)

12 My paus scampr on lvl grownd;
   @ teh ROFLCon, I wil w00t 2 CEILING CAT.

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