Psalm 2

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{{Old Testament}}
{{Old Testament}}
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[[Image:CeilingCat_and_KingDavid.jpg|150px|thumb|left|"U iz mah kitteh," sez Ceiling Cat.]]
[[Image:CeilingCat_and_KingDavid.jpg|150px|thumb|left|"U iz mah kitteh," sez Ceiling Cat.]]

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Old Testament
"U iz mah kitteh," sez Ceiling Cat.

1 Y does teh heethn getz mad, and teh peeplz dreem ov themselfz?

2 Teh bossez ov teh urths akt finicky, an dey talk 2 each uther, aginst Ceiling Cat an his peeps, an sez:

3 Do not want flea collarz! An take off da leashez!

4 Ceiling Cat wil LOL: he wil eat ther cheezburgr.

5 Then he wil hiss loud, and growl too. Ceiling Cat is mad.

6 But I haz gived my boss a big scratchpost in Zion.

7 I wil tell everybodie: Ceiling Cat saiz, You iz mah kitteh; today I maked u.

8 Ask me, and I wil giev u heethn'z cheezburgr, and everywherz in the wurld to has.

9 U wil pwn dem wif a big metl stik; u wil pwn dem in peecez laik a watr bowl.

10 B smart, bossez: b teached, judgez ov teh wurld.

11 Ph33r teh Ceiling Cat, an b happy wif shakin.

12 Kiss teh Kitteh, or he getz mad and pwnz u, when he iz just a little mad. Iz gud for everybody 2 trust kitteh.

Psalm 2
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