Psalm 16

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Old Testament
Psalm 16
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Job Proverbs Psalm 15 Psalm 17
Gud Stuffs

1 Hai, Celing Cat, I can has protekshuns?

2 I sez 2 Ceiling Cat: "Hai! Celing Cat! U R teh ooberest! LOL!!!11"

3 if u no lyke den u suck.

4 If u no lyke Ceiling Cat den F U, n00b! Sumthin bout libashuns!

5 Ceiling Cat can has my stuffses.

6 Thx 4 mah howse, Ceiling Cat!

7 U tells me 2 do stuff!

8 Ceiling Cat alwayz be wit me, kinda creepy

9 but oober asum!

10 Cuz u no leev me 4 woomun, Ceiling Cat, even if her chesticlz be hyoooooj!!

11 You teechz me 2 not suck

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