Psalm 150

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Old Testament

1 Give teh Ceiling Cat props! Givim props in His hause. Givim teh props in Hiz strong hause!!!
2 Givim props for teh mightee acts: givim props based on how much heez awsum.
3 Prayz Him wif teh sound of teh meowin: prayz Him wif teh rubr bandz an scratchin teh screen door.
4 Prayz Him wif teh tamburine an teh DDR: prayz Him on teh guitarz n synths.
5 Prayz Him wif teh loud clatrin uv teh cookie sheets: prayz Him wif teh anoyin soundin metal potz.
6 Srsly u geiz, if u'z breafin u shud be givin teh Ceiling Cat madprops. Props 2 u Ceiling Cat.

Psalm 150
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