Psalm 149

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Old Testament

1 Praise teh Celling Cat! sings to Ceiling Cat new toonz, and haz props in front-a all teh kittehs.
2 let the chilluns getz happy from Celling kitty.
3 prayz Ceiling Cat and dance, dance, dance!
prayz Ceiling Cat and dance, dance, dance!
play teh tunes, yeah, dance, dance, dance.
4 Celling Cat digs teh kittehs. He makes you pretty and dance, dance, dance.
5 Let the kittehs getz happy n chill.
sing, dance and jump on the bed n dance, dance, dance.
6 They sing Ceiling Cat wit der moufs and wit svord.
7 Good kittehs look 4 bad kittehs, and seek venjenz upn heeeeethns kittehs,
heeeethns kittahs not aloud to dance, dance, dance. no can haz cheezburgrs.
8 Heeeethns kittahs can has bondij and no memer safwurd.
9 Ceiling kitty sees you do wha he toll ya: all kittns haz onher. Lemme herye sez: All hale teh Celling Cat! Srsly!

Psalm 149
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