Psalm 147

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Old Testament

1 Praise Ceiling Cat! Happyz for Ceiling Kitteh is full of win; feelz good, yeah; he deeservs it.
2 Ceiling Cat builds big house: wit lotza cheezburgers n beds n no goggies. Den he bring all teh little kittehs insydez n sez: "Heer, Ai madez dis and gibs dis to you."
3 Dere, dere, not cry, Ceiling Kitteh cleans your boo-boo n givz cookie. lickedy-lick, sad hooman has flavr.
4 All the starz, they iz mine! They called what Ceiling Cat calls'em. Ceiling Kitteh calls'em starz: "mine!"
5 Ceiling Kitteh is allova the ceilling, and seeeeeeeez you dancing.
6 Ceiling Cat lifting heavy sad ppls, but teh ebils no can haz yummy noms.
7 Sing for Ceilling Kitty, hooman, give him bellyrubs; sing and dance, and give moar bellyrubs.
8 He refillz deh cookie platez n makes hoomins buy moar cheezburger.
9 He give noms to da moo cows & deh lowd birdies too.
10 Ceiling kitty no impressed by horseys or strong doods, srsly.
11 Dah Ceiling Cat lovz all kittehs who haz fear of him, And who knowz dat Ceiling Cat haz srs lovez.
12 Praize dah Ceiling Cat, Kittehs.
Praize dah Ceiling Cat, Hoomans.
13 Cauze he keeps the bad goggies outsyd n makez dah houze saefr, and givez Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Committehs as gifts.
14 An he givez peece to dah couch, an sendz the bezt of cheezburger to hiz kittehs.
15 Wen he meows or purrz, aminals n hoomins listin.
16 He putz comfy bwankets on teh bed n chuzes da preety colorz in teh houzes.
17 Ceiling Cat maek pillow avalanch cuz no kitteh lieks teh real sno.
18 He sez wen it nyce outside and wen it time for noms.
19 Ceiling Kitteh sez to all deh kittehs be nice to goggie and hoomins n luvs him n all uthr kittehs.
20 Da kittehs r speshul cuz he 'splains dis to dem. Praise Ceiling Kitty and give gushi foods.

Psalm 147
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