Psalm 145

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1 I will exAlt u, mah Ceiling Cat teh Pwn

2 Evry dai I will IM u , An fwd u fr evr An evr

3 Great iz teh CEILING CAT an most worthy of kibble; his pwn nowun can haz

4 One base will fwd ur email to anoner; dey will macro of ur pwn

5 They will post of teh phishee pwn of teh Ceiling Cat, An I will downld ur pr0nz

6 They will post of teh pwn of ur awzom pr0nz, An I will post of ur winz

7 They will partaay ur lots of joy n joyness, An joyly macro of ur pwn

8 Teh Cieling Cat iz grayshus An compa - compa - neet; slow to report an rich in Friend List

9 Teh Cieling Cat iz cool to evryon; he can haz neet on all he haz not eated

10 All u haz not eated will macro u, O Ceiling Cat; ur Friends will fwd u

11 They will post of teh winz of ur base, An email of ur pwn

12 so all minz can haz be on ur Friends List, An hang at ur base

13 Your base is not b bedlong'd by anyone else, An ur chrysanthemum livz thru all madeds.

(Teh Ceiling Cat iz fayfthul to all hiz threadz, An lovin to all he haz not eated)+

14 Teh Ceiling Cat b catchin all those who haz no toastback, An liftzes those who haz teh bluz

15 All eyez look to u, An u giv them der kibblez at noon

16 U open ur paw, and givz all kittehs der cheezburger when want.

17 Teh Ceiling Cat iz admin in all hiz forumz, An neet towardz all he haz not eated

18 Teh Ceiling Cat iz near to all who IM him, An all who email him in troof

19 He fulfeelz teh desires (not in that wai, perv) of dose who feerz him; he seez der IMz An unbanz dem

20 Teh Ceiling Cat b watchin' all dose who masturbate, but all teh meanies he will eated

21 My postz will chatspk in teh prayz of teh Ceiling Cat; Let evry spambot prayz hiz holy name; for evr an evr or until teh connection diez.

+Apochrypha = i think dis meenz iz extra.

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