Psalm 141

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Old Testament
Prayur fur da Pressurvayshun from da bad stuffs

a w00t, shout out fur David produckshun

1 Oh hai Ceiling Cat, HALP NAO!
An wehn ai sez HALP, plz lissen, kthx?
2 Plz tink uf dis prayings liek aroma of delishuss cheezburger waftin up to Ceiling,
An mai jazz hands liek reel gud cheezburgers dinner 'n stuff.

3 Plz maek me not saying bad thingses by blessin me wif yur gift uf amazeing invisibul mowf duck tapes;
Watch mai mowf in case it duz sumfin bad wivvout mai permishuns.
4 Dun maek meh do bad stuffs, kthx,
or masturbait while yoo's watchin
espeshally if ai duz it wif othur bad kittehs tehre;
Dun maek meh eated dem's cheezburgers.

5 Ai lieks massokism, so plz fur sum pepples to hit meh, kthx;
An let smartypantses sez to meh "Noooo, yoo's RONG!"
Srsly, dun let greasy-har kittehs get dem greases on meh,
Cuz dem is bad kittehs and ai liek yoo, srsly iz yur BFF.
6 Wen teh bad kittehs get catchded by nootur 'n releese,
Teh bad kittehs tink wut ai sez iz way betters, an they sez "Oh noes! Shooda lissended, oh noes!"
7 Cuz srsly teh bad kittehs ar liek clumpses of kitteh littur,
an yoo frow it an it turns inta stinkeh dusts,
Teh bad kittehs gonna get smooshded liek kitteh litturs at Sheol.

8 But annyways iz mostly starin at yoo, Ceiling Cat,
yoo's wun gud-lookin Ceiling Cat an iz yur bff, lolz,
So, yoo knows, dun furget dat yoo's soooo srsly awesome 'n stuffs
9 Dun let meh put da paws in da dog turds, kthx,
an dun let meh loos mah hrbls.
10 Oh hai, how bout yoo maek bad kittehs,
loos dem hrbls an steps in dog turds 'n stuffs insted,
an ai sees dem an laffs, kthxbai.

Psalm 141
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