Psalm 140

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Old Testament
Psalm 140
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Job Proverbs Psalm 139 Psalm 141

1 Rekcue me, Ceiling Cat, from da N00bz; protekt from pwnage.

2 dem devize bad tings in their heartz, thay bring us to pwn and stuffs.

3 dey bring da bad thingz, dey do bad thingz and stuffs.

4 Keep me,Ceiling Cat, away from da n00bs: protekt me from n00bs, who planz to bring pwnage, srsly.

5 Dey dont like meh, Dey iz plotting agenst meh.

6 Meh tellz Ceiling Cat, "I luvz you" Lisen, KTHX

7 Ceiling Cat, you bringz me pwnage, you protkt meh from n00bs

8 Don't let n00bs pwn me,

9 If teh n00bs try to pwn meh, dont let them,

10 Pwn n00bs hoo try to pwn meh.

11 If somebody tryz to be a n00b, tell dem to stop, pwn them if dey do.

12 I noez that Ceiling Cat wont pwn meh

13 Not n00bz will see how awesum iz.

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