Psalm 137

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Old Testament
Peeplez by the riverz n stuff..
Sadness of t3h banned peeples.

1 Kthx fer teh fluids of Babylon
we were all like, n0000000001!11!!
when we faut back bout Zion
2 On top of the popler tr33z we putz r instrumentz of happieneez.
3 Den der Kardcapters inquireed us
bout the wurdz of mah mp3s, which i notted used limewire fer!
Den teh FCC was said, "LOL j00 suX0r, plox give back!"
4 But den I saided to dems,
"Howz will i listen to mah mp3z bout Ceiling Cat when you take ems? It's not gonna werk."

5 If I forget about that Ceiling Panel, my hands will splode,
6 Mah tongue will splode, 'swell if i ferget bout j00, oh my tea Ceiling Cat.
cause if i ferget, i r t3h suck.

7 lol, dont fergetz, Ceiling Cat, against the n00bz on that day,
they wer all leik, "LOL weez gunna pwn j00!1!111 Level 3!"
8 uber h4x3r Babylon, j0o pwnxor,
gimme sum buffz cuz i gaved j00 that wun when i wuz a noob.
9 Happiez r t3h babiez of t3h peoplez,
den dey smash teh babiez 'gainst t3h rocks, kay?

Psalm 137
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