Psalm 135

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Old Testament

1 Praize be 2 Ceiling Cat!

Praize hiz ceiling too 2 all da kittehs in teh house

on teh sofas and puter keybaords 3 Praize Ceiling CAt, an mabey he bringz us cheezburgers

4 Ceiling cat chooze Jacob for being pet. (he dooz waht he wantz geeze)

5 i knowz ceilng cat iz teh best

he'z got teh most cheezburgers!!

6 Ceiling Cat dooz waht he wantz (told u)

in teh ceilingz and teh urths,

an in teh seaz too (he haz scuba suit. ceiling cat no liek get wet)

7 he maike clouds wif hiz big paws and litning wif hiz lazor eyes

8 Ceiling Cat bringz death to thoze katz in egypt

9 He sended angry wingCatz to pharo an tehy told him to STFU

10 ceiling cat waz leik a major serial killer dood. srsly.

11 mostly he killz ppl wiht funny naems (liek Sihon and Og)

12 He took all teh cheezburgers from teh ded guyz an gave tehm to us!

13 Evrybdy sai Ceiling Cat forevr. He watchez all mai kittenz kittenz

14 14 4 da lord will vindicate his peeps An has compashun on his servants.15 Teh idols ov teh nashuns r silvr an gold, Made by teh hanz ov doodz.16 They has mouths, but cant speek, Eyez, but they cant c;17 They has ears, but cant hear, Nor iz thar breath in their mouths.18 Those hoo mak them will be liek them, An so will all hoo trust in them.19 O houz ov israel, praize teh lord; O houz ov aaron, praize teh lord;20 O houz ov levi, praize teh lord; U hoo fear him, praize teh lord.21 Praize be 2 teh lord frum zion, 2 him hoo dwells in jerusalem. Praize teh lord!!!

Teh Footnote

  • a - Psalm 135:1 hebrew hallelu yah ; also in versez 3 an 21
Psalm 135
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