Psalm 127

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Old Testament
Ceiling Cat iz givr uf da Cheeezburgrz

1 If Ceiling Cat not maek kitteh condo, den condo iz not be maked rite. If Ceiling Cat iz gaurding stuffs, den iz ok for peeps to taek napz.

2 Iz dum to waek up too soon, an to waste napz, an way moar dum to wurk hard for cheezburgrz, cuz Ceiling Cat gives u all teh cheezbrgrz even wehn Him iz sleepin. Srsly.

3 Oh hai. Kittehs r prezentz frum Ceiling Cat- dey ar treats, liek catnip.

4 Liek claws in teh paws, so ar teh kittehs.

5 Iz gud for peeps to has lotz of claws and kittehs, cuz dey can show off.

Psalm 127
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