Psalm 122

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Old Testament
Psalm 122
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Job Proverbs Psalm 121 Psalm 123

1 I go rejoicez with those who sayz 2 me, "Lets go 2 teh house of teh Lord!"2 Are feet r standing in ur gates, o Jerusalem!3 Jerusalem is builded like a city that is dense, man.4 Thats where teh tribes go up— the tribes of teh Lord— 2 praise teh Name of teh LORD according 2 teh statute given 2 Israel.5 Their stand teh thrones for judgment, teh thrones of teh house of David.6 Plz pray for teh peace of Jerusalem: "May those who love u be secures.7 May there b peace in ur walls and security in ur citadels."8 4 teh sake of ma homies and of all teh peeplez, I will say, "Peace be in u!"9 For teh sake of teh house of the Lord, I will seek ur prosperity.

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