Psalm 120

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Old Testament
Psalm 120
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Job Proverbs Psalm 119 Psalm 121

A songz of ascentz.

1 I calz on teh CELING CAT in my distrezz, and,lulz, he do answerz meh.2 Save mah, UR MAH CEALIN CAT, from teh lying lipz and from tem deceitful n00bz.3 Oh,lol, Laik wtf wil he do to youz, and stuffz besidz dat, lOl deceitful tonguezeh, lik mabeh Haxxx u?4 He wall PWNz you with a lvl 890 wairror sherpz arowz, wif teh burning coalz of teah Boom sstazk, an steakz.5 LOl to mez that I poopz in Ur Shakez, that im in ur livin among ur tents wit ur momz!6 2longz has I laved amongz dem ho hatz mah peace talks.>:[7 I am a lolcatz of peaze; but when I speakz, they are all likes, "CHEEZBuRGERZ!!1!!111!!."

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