Psalm 12

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Old Testament

1 Help, CEILING CAT, for al teh ppl taht laik u r offline frm DOS;

2 Al teh lamzors liez
 tryin not 2 get band.

3 May CEILING CAT cut of tehr fingrz ffs!
 n ban teh gramer poleece

4 taht says, "Kant u spk inglish?
 ;uze spel chek, luser!"

5 CEILING CAT is laik, "Because of teh pwnage of teh weak
 and teh complanes of teh needy,
 I wil ban tfo of u.
 Mak ur time."

6 And teh meow of teh CEILING CAT b purrfect,
 laik a cheezburgr, w/ 2 al beef patys
 speshul sawce letus chz piklz oniuns n sesme seed bun.

7 O CEILING CAT, keepz us saf
  and banz teh wn trols forevr.

8 Teh trolz post nazi stuf.
  Wehn u comz bak in chanel ffs?

Psalm 12
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