Psalm 113

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Old Testament
Psalm 113
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Job Proverbs Psalm 112 Psalm 114

1 Ai Begz teh Ceiling Cat an teh BirdKats2 Ai bless yoo hover Cat, yoo hav many Cheezburgz

3 All teh dai teh Ceiling Cat shud be blessd an loved4 Him iz teh pwnz0r ov teh Urf an ceiling.

5 Him hi in teh skiez wid teh birdz an the BirdKatz6 an iz teh humbel kitteh

7 Him giv teh poor kittehs fishies an birdz an mek dem happeh again.

8 Dey can den eat wif teh princes

9 An can mek a kitti-less kitteh hav many kittehs 2 feed. Bless teh Ceiling Cat hoo give teh kittehs.

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