Psalm 112

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Old Testament
Psalm 112
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Rychus wills neva b moveded

1 Praise Ceiling Cat! Blessed iz teh kitteh dat fears Ceiling Cat, who taeks heppehs in teh commandments!

2 His kittehs will be pumpeded wif katnip an shall p0wnz0rz da backyard, an the shall be kick ass.

3 Ceiling Cat iz liek rich an stufs, an him iz liek always gude.

4 He turns on teh light cause iz dark; him iz liek rly nice.

5 It iz wail when yoos rubs a humins legs an him scratcha an feeds yu.

6 For dah gude kittehs wills eva be fogottans.

7 Him noes fraid uf bad nuse.

8 His hart iz stedy; him will be no fraid, til he seez teh doggies.

9 Him has gives many cheezburgers to dah houseless kittehs; him shall beez rewardeds.

10 Teh bad kitteh seez teh gude kitteh ina his home an gnashes his teefs an goes away; gude kitteh lievs, bad kitteh gets wet.

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