Psalm 111

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Praise celing cat

I wills sh0utds celing cat with all my hearts teh conucils of tops and teh asembley an stuffs

awsomes are teh works of teh gr8 celing cat they confuse an stuffs all whos are delits by them srsly

awsomes are hes deeds and his rihgtnes endurs foreva

his wunders an stuffs rememberd ceiling cats gracus and pasonate

he prvides cheezburgers for them whos fears and scareds an stuff of hims srsly

an hes rememBers his pwomisees foreva srsly

and shws his kittehs teh pouer of hes werks given them teh lend of other niations an stuff

teh werks of hes pouer is fiathul ands justs he is twustswurthy an fiathfullsnes hes forgeves his kittehs and made tem awesomnes's in hes names

srsly to hems belongs etenal praizes an stuff

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