Psalm 110

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Old Testament

Sitz at my rite paw

1 Teh Ceiling Cat says to meh Bosscat: "O hai! Sitz next to meh right paw, wait till the bad kittehs are in yr littrbx."

2 Teh Ceiling Cat will make you da king in Zion, you will ruld teh bad kittehs.

3 Your gud kitehs will be ready on fight day. Dem can has prity furr.

4 Teh Ceiling Cat was promized an won li: "Yur hangin with Melchizedek frever. Srsly."

5 Teh Ceiling Cat iz right next to yur paws: he will beat up badkittehs on teh day he gets reaaaal mad.

6 He will decide wich uv da badkitths made da mess and smash dem all ovr.

7 Him will has cleen watr in hiz bole and will be vry happy.

Psalm 110
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