Psalm 11

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Old Testament

1 In Ceiling Cat I hid.
   Den how cum u sez 2 me:
   "Oh, hai! gtfo kthxbai.

2 Cuz lookit, teh lamzors gon pwn u;
   tehy getin redy to uze teh bfg
   to shoot frm teh shadows
   at teh kewl ppl.

3 When teh awsome ppl are bein pwnd,
   what can teh awsome ppl do?"

4 Ceiling Cat is in teh ceiling;
   Ceiling Cat is on his pimpd out kitteh bed.
   He cheks teh ppl;
   his eyes chek tehm duh.

5 Ceiling Cat laikz teh h4x,
   but teh lamzors n trols
   r on teh rode to destrucshun.

6 On teh lamzors he wil drop
   burning cat pu;
   taht burnz tehr akshun figur colekshuns.

7 For Ceiling Cat rulz,
   4 great justice;
   kewl d00dz wil c him's fuz face. Rawk!

Psalm 11
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