Psalm 108

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Old Testament

1 O Ceiling cat, mai hartz be stedfast; will pury an make muzik wiv my soulz

2 Be Awakes now harp and lyrez, will be can awaking teh dornz

3 Will be purrayezing uz o Ceiling cat, wiv all dem ovrr plaises

4 Ur lovin be wkd and abuv da ceiling and ur fiafulnessez iz to da r00fs

5 Be raized up abuv da ceiling O Ceiling Cat, an ur furr all ovr da urths

6 Save us an halp us wif ur rite hand, Dat dose u luv cud be deliverd.7 Ceilin cat has spoken frum his sanctuary: "in triumf im gonna parcel out shechem An measure off da valley ov succoth.8 Gilead iz mine, manaseh iz mine; Efraim iz mah helmet, Judah mah sceptr.9 Moab iz mah washbasin, Upon edom i tos mah sandal; Ovar filistia i shout in triumf."10 Hoo will brin me 2 teh fortifid city? Hoo will lead me 2 edom?11 Iz not u, o ceilin cat, u hoo has rejectd us An no longr go out wif r armiez?12 Giv us aid against teh enemy, 4 da halp ov man iz worthles.13 Wif ceilin cat we will gain teh victory, An he will trample down r enemiez.

Psalm 108
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