Psalm 106

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Old Testament

1 Teh kittehs will rub Ceiling Catsz tummsy cuz yu gaev us dem cheezburgers.

2 I rubbded it liek alot but snot enuf cuz I haev so many cheezburgers.

3 Yu gaev teh cheezburgers 2 teh kittehs who dunnot rok the monorail.

4 I sez teh gud wurdz bout yu, so keepses me outta teh waterz.

5 I wantz 2 b a part of teh Kitteh Drum Circel (UR Kitteh Drum Circel) that bongoes ur prayzes.

6 Butt we bongoed liek hedun lolruses b4.

7 Butt we had no bongoes cuz we wuz in Ejupt. We still spaked smack bout yu in the red waterz.

8 Butt yu wax liek "Iams Ceiling Cat n ths iz how I do!"

9 N yu spaked 2 the waterz (heebroo kitteh thoht u waz crazzors), n it dried up n evrbdy yoosed teh sand liek kitteh littah.

10 Yu saevd us!

11 Yu killde them!

12 We bongoed agin!

13 We stopped bongooeinging!

14 We wuz hungy 4 more cheezburgers!

15 Yu gaev us more cheezburgers! N kitteh HIV! N we deid!

16 Evrbdy h8ed Mosescat n Aaroncat...

17 Dathancat and Abiramcat wur liek INVISIBLE REBELLION! and nobdy sawd cuz yu killde them.

Psalm 106
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