Psalm 104

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Old Testament

1 Hai Ceiling Cat, I praizes u! U iz so kool, u wearz koolnez!

2 He is all wrapppd up in prety lites, and rollz out teh Ceiling liek tentses

3 and he gots a penthause up there. Ooo! He ridez in ur clowds, and surfz in ur windz.

4 Teh windz even talkz 4 him, n teh firez doez what he sez, srsly!

5 Ceiling Cat made teh Urth on teh fl0r, and u karnt mez it up.

6 Teh watr wuz all ova it, rite up 2 teh mntns.

7 U screemd and teh watr wuz gon; u just yelld n ther it went -

8 the mnts went up, n teh vallys went dwn - in teh plais u wantd.

9 Yew dun mess kz? R-Lce yew gun go outsidez, k?

10 Him maek da big cheezbrgr flow tru da Urth.

11 De guna geeb yew phude, ya.

12 Dem berdiez gun geeb yew da harblz.

13 Ceiling Cat geeb da Urth da gud meelk, den hee sleepz leik slaxxor.

14 He made graz for awl teh m00c0ws, and erbs for man so that he may get the munchies.

15 He made likker to get peepul tyred 4 teyh can has cat nap, oyil to maek greesy ph00d fer speshul hang-ovahs, and bred.

16 Him mek sum trees grew in sum hole in teh Midul Eest

17 Burd make nests 4 yung ph00dlingz , storks liv in fur trees.

18 upgrayded ram satz on hillz ses, "oh hai, Celing Cat made tis 4 muh u can go now."

19 The moon trakz sezinz, and the sun kn0ez when him taek nap.

20 Ceiling Cat teh awlmitee maeks it nite, and moocows and udder stufz comes out of the forest.

21 yung liyins com owt and seek Ceiling Cat's cheezburger but Ceiling Cat has tuh ses, "wtf i luk liek i not walrus u dont steel frm muh, gtfo ur goin Basement, k? thnxbai."

22 Wen sun c0me up tey go to crib for litul wilez.

23 sunz 0f adum work awl day and rest teh bownz al nitez.

24 Ceiling Cat has butt lowdz of cheezburger and cookie but He dont giv to teh pepul dey maek invizbul error

25 In the oshinz dere fishiz but sumtimz fish slip way so u get no ph00dz, but u can praize Ceiling Cat

26 Leviathans eated ships and efurt, but not Ceiling Cat's yawt were he be tokin with the lyunz at nite.

27 teh ppl say, "Ceiling Cat, are hungry." Ceiling Cat ses, "Oh oh butt u do aks of wurship then ph00dz, k? bai."

28 He fez tey by hand

29 He luks away then pops a cap in tey sinful self.

30 He comes to teh tiny urf, makes fudz, and it lives

31 Ceiling Cat lives 4evah, so don't think you can dis Him and get off

32 Him peekz lookz at the 'urf' and she trembles, he touches the 'hills' and tey smok.

33 You gotta rap the good rap about Ceiling Cat, or else he's gunna curze wiminz agin.

34 "Mi meditashun of Him be sweet: I will b glad in the Ceiling Cat teh almitee."

35 Dun be dumb, geeve Ceiling Cat ur soulz, will gib cheezbrger

Psalm 104
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