Psalm 10

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Old Testament
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Psalm 10
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Job Proverbs Psalm 9 Psalm 11

1 Y O Ceiling Cat is u so far aways in teh ceiling? Y is u hidin when dere is troubles? 2 Teh bad kittehs hunts teh weak kittehs and dey gets caughts in his paws. Oh noes! 3 Teh bad kittehs talks lots bout bein hungry for cheezburger, den blessteses dem who hateses Ceiling Cat. 4 Deh bad kittehs don't talks 2 Ceiling Cat, srsly, cuz dey 2 stoopid 2 thinks of Ceiling Cat. 5 Deh bad kittehs has lots of monies for cheezburgers, dey stick up der noses and laffs at deh ppls. 6 Deh bad kittehs sais, "No want u 2 shake mees, kplsthanx." 7 Bad kittehs sais bad wordses wif der evil hairy tongueses. 8 Bad kittehs sit and wait to pounce on teh inocint kittehs 2 kill dem. 9 "I am LION" sais bad kitteh waitin on the ground to drags teh poor kittehs off in da invisible nets. 10 Teh good kittehs get crusheded and don't wakes up. 11 Bad kittehs sais, "Ceiling Cat is stoopid, he can't see anythin from teh ceiling! Srsly." 12 Jump, O Ceiling Cat, lift ups yr paws to helps teh poor helpless kittehs kplsthanx! 13 Y do teh bad kittehs hate Ceiling Cat? Y deh sais, "Ceiling Cat won't watch us masturbate"? 14 U O Ceiling Cat u sees the troubles and griefs of teh helpless bastard kittehs and raises yer paws. 15 Use yr lazer eyes on teh bad kittehs who tries to hide badness in teh houseplants. 16 Ceiling Cat will watch u masturbate forevers and evers, srsly. 17 U hear teh meowses and purrses of teh weak kittehs and sais, "Go for it!" 18 U keep the bastard kittehs safe from teh bad kittehs cuz dey DO NOT WANT!

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