Proverbs 5

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Old Testament
Ceiling Cat sez no invisable buttsecks
Ceiling Cat says adultury has dumb.

1 Listen up. I am so smrt S-M-R-T2 U need to be smrt too.3 U may want invisible buttsecks.4 Invisible buttsecks hurts tho.5 It will make u ded.6 Donut be ded.

7 Donut be furgettin.8 Invisible buttsecks DO NOT WANT! rly.9 d00dz will maek u ded and u can has no R-E-S-P-E-C-T and will nvr find out what it meens to me. Sockit 2 me.10 d00dz will eated all your cookies. Srs.11 U will be leik OMGWTFBBQ!12 U sez why I not smrt S-M-R-T?13 U forgotteded to be smrt.14 Everybody no leik u.

15 U can not has invisible buttsecks with other babymamas.16 Babiez with other babymamas has babymamadrama.17 Ur babiez will makeded u cookies and not eated them.18 Ur babymama is good 2.19 And pretty.20 Why want invisible buttsecks? nowai!21 Ceiling cat will watch you adulturate.22 IT'S A TRAP!23 U will b ded of teh dumb.

Proverbs 5
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