Proverbs 21

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Old Testament
Proverbs 21
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Psalms Ecclesiastes Proverbs 20 Proverbs 22

1 Teh TopCat'z hart iz in teh Ceiling Cat's hand;

he tellz it wut tu du, liek it wuz a rivr.

2 Everyfing kitteh duz he finks iz gud,

but teh Ceiling Cat iz teh wun hoo desidz.

3 If yuz du gud stufs

is bettr fr teh Ceiling Cat den sacrifisin.

4 If yu iz prowd or yu thinks yu iz bettr den sumwun,

den yu iz evil! EVIL! BAD KITTEH!

5 Teh planz ov teh hard-wurkin will get teh cheezburgrz

but if yu iz tu fast, den yu getz nun.

6 Gettin teh moneyz by bad kitteh iz bad. Den yu iz dye. Srsly.

7 Stealin cheezburger iz bad.

8 Man iz weird. But gud kitteh iz git cookiez.

9 Iz bettr 2 liv in cornr on roofz den wif meen woman in fat houz.

10 Bad kitteh iz bad. Neybor kitteh hated him.

11 Bad kitteh git spanked. Dum kitteh git not dum.

12 Good kitteh go liv in bad kitteh houz. Ceiling Cat pwn gnawty kitteh.

13 Guy hoo not lisen to cry kitteh iz gonna cry, butt nobudy iz cair.

14 Seekret cooky mak angr, morr seekret mak hatin.

15 Don steel cheezburger, Ceiling Cat pwn U.

16 Loss kitteh iz gonna dye, srsly.

17 Secks man iz gonna b pour. Fatt man iz gonna b pour too.

18 Bad kitteh git sacrifised four good kitteh.

19 Iz bettr 2 liv in waterz den wif meen woman.

20 teh wize store up choice food an oil, But fools gulp theirs down.

21 whoevr pursuez righteousnes an luv Findz life, prosperity an honor!

22 wan hoo iz wize can go up against teh city ov teh mighty An pull down teh stronghold in which they trust.

23 dose hoo guard their mouths an their tonguez Keep themselvez frum calamity.

24 teh proud an arrogant - "mocker" iz their naym; They behave wif insolent fury.

25 teh cravin of teh lazy catz will be teh death ov them, Cuz their hanz refuse 2 werk.

26 all dai long they crave 4 moar, But teh righteous giv without sparin.

27 teh sacrifice ov teh wickd iz detestable! How mutch moar so when brought wif evil intent!

28 dose hoo giv false witnes will perish, But careful listenr will testify succesfully.

29 teh wickd put up bold frunt, But teh upright giv thot 2 their ways.

30 thar iz no wisdom, no insight, no plan Dat can succed against teh lord.

31 teh horse iz made ready 4 teh day of battle, But victory rests wif teh lord!

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