Proverbs 18

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Old Testament

1 A loner cat iz all about himselfs, hissing at teh way his mama cat taught him to behave.

2 Foolish cat is foolish an no wants to understand. Just meowin what dey thinks.

3 When bad cats come to ur house, it just means trubz.

4 A kitteh's meows can has teh power to breev life, meows of wizdum as awesome as fresh water in ur bowl.

5 Judge cat must...judge, teh guilty r not innosint and vice-a versa.

6 Foolish cat iz always cruisin for teh bruisin. Den dey get da smackdown.

7 Da moufs of teh foolish are dere ruin; da lips are trubz.

8 Gossip is yummy kibbles, but it get stucks in ur chest liek nasteh hairballs.

9 Lazy kittehs r liek drillcat an dey will destroy all ur family.

10 Teh name of Teh Ceiling Cat is liek a Fort made out of awesome strong couch pillows, and His kittehs go to him for protecshuns.

11 Aristocats tink monies protex dem, an pretend its teh awesum.

12 Kittehs' hart is prowd befur tumblin', but honur > humbility.

13 You weerd if u anser b4 u hurd.

14 Kittehs has 9 lives, but if broke, nvrmnd.

15 U need to noe if u liek b smart.

16 I can has presents? Liek shiny key?

17 Bieng judge is hard

18 You all bad kittehs

19 Frends feelng bad is like cuntry.

20 Froots fill teh belly; Talking is guud too.

21 I keel you with wurds.

22 U needs lover or Ceeling Cat wont liek u.

23 Dirteh kittehs r nice, Rich kittehs r mean.

24 Some frends r fake, reel ones r liek incest.

Proverbs 18
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