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LOLCat Poems

No harm in expanding out, exploring new areas of text. Here are some LOLCat Poems

Baff Tiem

Teh hooman sez tis baff tiem,

an I sez, “DO NOT WANT.”

I rathur rowl in teh gardun dirt

Whai teh hooman tees an tawnt?

I hoep Ceiling Cat taek me away

Like dat kewl Elijah dood.

Or protekt meh liek he did wif David

Maek him nawt teh poochie fud.

Or evun bettur part teh baff wawter,

Jus liek teh icky Reed Sea.

Teh hooman wud nawt kno wut happun,

Den I wud shurly be set free!

Or send teh buggies liek in Egypt plaig

Den teh hooman wud screem an criez.

He wud forgit bowt teh baff tiem

An I tell teh wawter kthnxbai.

Plees oh Ceiling Cat jus let me run off

By crakin opun teh bafroom door.

I wud maek a darin escaep in a flash

Runnin riet cross teh flor.

Or yu cud jus poek yer hed thru teh Ceiling

an tell teh hooman jus to stop.

Hao cud hooman resist lissenuning

Yu alwais coem up on top.

It luk liek iz gunna has to

Go thru dis wun baff todai.

At leest wen dis is ovur

I get to find sum dust to play.

Besieds I get teh awsum towel rubz

an teh petz an teh patz.

Ceiling Cat prolly jus testing meh

See if I wurthy of bein a cat.
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