Numbers 8

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Old Testament
Settin up teh lamps

1 teh lord sed 2 mosez,2 "speek 2 aaron an say 2 him, when u set up teh lamps, c dat all 7 light up teh area in frunt ov teh lampstand."

3 aaron did so; he set up teh lamps so dat they facd fwd on teh lampstand, jus as teh lord commandd mosez.4 dis ar teh how teh lampstand wuz made: it wuz made ov hammerd gold—frum itz base 2 itz blosoms. Teh lampstand wuz made egsaktly liek teh pattern teh lord had shown mosez.

Teh settin apart ov teh levitez

5 teh lord sed 2 mosez:6 "taek teh levitez frum among all teh israelitez an mak them ceremonially clean.7 2 purify them, do dis: sprinkle teh watr ov cleanzin on them; den has them shave their whole bodiez an wash their clothez. An so they will purify themselvez.8 has them taek young bull wif itz grain offerin ov teh finest flour mixd wif oliv oil; den u r 2 taek second young bull 4 sin offerin. [a]9 brin teh levitez 2 teh frunt ov teh tent ov meetin an assemble teh whole israelite community.10 u r 2 brin teh levitez before teh lord, an teh israelitez r 2 lay their hanz on them.11 aaron iz 2 present teh levitez before teh lord as wave offerin frum teh israelitez, so dat they cud be ready 2 do teh werk ov teh lord.

12 "den teh levitez r 2 lay their hanz on teh headz ov teh bulls, usin wan 4 sin offerin 2 teh lord an teh othr 4 burnt offerin, 2 mak atonement 4 da levitez.13 has teh levitez stand in frunt ov aaron an his sons an den present them as wave offerin 2 teh lord.14 in dis wai u r 2 set teh levitez apart frum teh othr israelitez, an teh levitez will be mine.

15 "aftr u has purifid teh levitez an presentd them as wave offerin, they r 2 come 2 do their werk at teh tent ov meetin.16 they r teh israelitez hoo r 2 be given wholly 2 me. I has taken them as mah own in place ov teh firstborn, teh furst male offsprin frum evry israelite woman.17 evry firstborn male in israel, whethr hooman or animal, iz mine. When i struck down all teh firstborn in egypt, i set them apart 4 myself.18 an i has taken teh levitez in place ov all teh firstborn sons in israel.19 frum among all teh israelitez, i has given teh levitez as gifts 2 aaron an his sons 2 do teh werk at teh tent ov meetin on behalf ov teh israelitez an 2 mak atonement 4 them so dat no plague will strike teh israelitez when they go near teh sanctuary."

20 mosez, aaron an teh whole israelite community did wif teh levitez jus as teh lord commandd mosez.21 teh levitez purifid themselvez an washd their clothez. Den aaron presentd them as wave offerin before teh lord an made atonement 4 them 2 purify them.22 aftr dat, teh levitez came 2 do their werk at teh tent ov meetin undr teh supervishun ov aaron an his sons. They did wif teh levitez jus as teh lord commandd mosez.

23 teh lord sed 2 mosez,24 "dis appliez 2 teh levitez: doodz twenty-5 yeers old or moar shall come 2 taek part in da werk at teh tent ov meetin,25 but at teh age ov fifty, they must retire frum their regular service an werk no longr.26 they cud assist their brothers in performin their dutiez at teh tent ov meetin, but they themselvez must not do teh werk. Dis, den, iz how u r 2 assign teh responsibilitiez ov teh levitez."

Teh Footnotes
  • a - Numbers 8:8 or purificashun offerin; also in verse 12
Numbers 8
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