Numbers 29

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Old Testament

1 Kay, sew on da furstuh July you shewd do nuhtin al day. Dat iz wen u shood bloe ur hornses n shnuff n make a buncha lowd noyses.2 Den bern a buncha mices n stuff cuz Ceiling Cat lieks da smel it maeks.3 oh n also get lots of ephahs (wutevr dose iz) uv flowr cuz Ceiling Cat iz all hungry n stuff.4 even wit da babee mices5 o an also bern a rat mise.6 o actualy bern that stuff evry day cuz Ceiling Cat shur duz luv dat smel.7 oders o da rats shmlelememeem8 as I sed before9 on the tenst10 uv july11 also.12 an on March twenteesickst, dun werk it all week on dat dey. But dat OK, cuz fer a weak aftr u can has big partee fr Ceiling Cat.13 den, you get twentynine mices that has takeded baffs so dey iz all cleen n sparklee n stuffs, n you bern dem, cuz Ceiling Cat REALLY LUVZ DA SMELL!14 oh, an you also givz him da korn n stuffs agen, but now15 a hole lot uv it.16 Oh, n I frgt to menchin, bern a gote to(gote iz liek goggie but he iz nise n eets stuf.). Den Gote can go to da sunnyspot, n munch on invsble errr n stuffs.17 you bern da saym mices on da secend day,18 n da saym corn n stuff too,19 o n also anuthr gote.20 ok, so, I noes its mesin ur prty, but you gots ta bern da mices AGEN on da therd day.21 da korn too.22 an a gote.23 Seelin Cayt

Numbers 29
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