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{{Old Testament}}
{{Old Testament}}
==Miriam and Aaron Opposes Moses Cat==
===== Miriam and Aaron Opposes Moses Cat =====

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Old Testament
Miriam and Aaron Opposes Moses Cat

1 Miriam and Aaron Cat were talkin 'bout Moses Cat's super-hot Cushite wife.2 They asked, "If teh Lord is speakin' thru Moses Cat, ain't he also speakin' thru us?"3 (Now Moses was teh most humblest of all teh LOLcats)4 And teh Lord sayz, "Come out to teh Tent of Teh Meeting", and Moses Cat, Aaron Cat, an Miriam all came.5 Then teh Lord came down in teh pillar of teh cloud, and stood at teh entrance of teh Tent of Teh Meeting. srsly. Teh Lord summoned Aaron Cat and Miriam, so they hads to cum forward.6 Teh Lord sayz, "Listen! Wen a profet iz among use, I be revealin' myself 2 him in teh visions, and I be speakin' 2 him in teh dreams.7 Buts dis is nots tru of ma servant Moses Cat. He is faithfull in all ma house.8 With him I speakin' face 2 face clearly. Do Not Want riddles. He seas teh form of teh Lord. Why then wer u not afraid to speak against ma servant Moses?"9 Teh angar of teh Lord burned against them, and he left them.10 And when teh cloud was gone from teh tent, Miriam looked like snow cuz of teh leprosy. Miriam was like, "HALP!" And Aaron Cat saw and was like, "Oh noes!"11 And Aaron Cat sayz 2 Moses Cat, "Plz dont hold against us teh sin we so foolishly committed.12 Dont let her be like a unborn kitty."13 So Moses Cat cried out to teh Lord, "Plz heal her!"14 Teh Lord replied to Moses Cat, "If daddy cat had spit in her face, would she not be unkleenz 4 7 daze? Confine her outta teh camp 4 7 daze, and after dat she can be brought bak.15 So Miriam was keept outta teh camp 4 7 daze, and after dat she was brought bak.16 After dat, teh peeples let Hazeroth and encamped in teh Desert of Paran.

Numbers 12
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