Numbers 10

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Old Testament
Teh silvr trumpets

1 teh Ceiling Cat sed 2 mosez:2 "mak 2 trumpets ov hammerd silvr, an use them 4 callin teh community togethr an 4 havin teh camps set out.3 when both r soundd, teh whole community iz 2 assemble before u at teh entrance 2 teh tent ov meetin.4 if only wan iz soundd, teh leaders—teh headz ov teh clanz ov israel—r 2 assemble before u.5 when trumpet blast iz soundd, teh tribez campin on teh east r 2 set out.6 at teh soundin ov second blast, teh camps on teh south r 2 set out. Teh blast will be teh signal 4 settin out.7 2 gathr teh assembly, blow teh trumpets, but not wif teh signal 4 settin out.8 "teh sons ov aaron, teh priests, r 2 blow teh trumpets. Dis ar teh 2 be lastin ordinance 4 u an teh generashuns 2 come.9 when u go into battle in ur own land against an enemy hoo iz oppresin u, sound blast on teh trumpets. Den u will be rememberd by teh lord ur ceilin cat an rescud frum ur enemiez.10 also at ur tiems ov rejoicin—ur appointd festivals an new moon feasts—u r 2 sound teh trumpets ovar ur burnt offerings an fellowship offerings, an they will be memorial 4 u before ur ceilin cat. I r lord ur ceilin cat."

Teh israelitez leef sinai

11 on teh twentieth dai ov teh second month ov teh second yer, teh cloud liftd frum aboov teh tabernacle ov teh covenant law.12 den teh israelitez set out frum teh desert ov sinai an traveld frum place 2 place til teh cloud came 2 rest in da desert ov paran.13 they set out, dis furst tiem, at teh lordz command thru mosez.14 teh divishuns ov teh camp ov judah went furst, undr their standard. Nahshon son ov amminadab wuz in command.15 nethanel son ov zuar wuz ovar teh divishun ov teh tribe ov issachar,16 an eliab son ov helon wuz ovar teh divishun ov teh tribe ov zebulun.17 den teh tabernacle wuz taken down, an teh gershonitez an meraritez, hoo carrid it, set out.18 teh divishuns ov teh camp ov reuben went next, undr their standard. Elizur son ov shedeur wuz in command.19 shelumiel son ov zurishaddai wuz ovar teh divishun ov teh tribe ov simeon,20 an eliasaf son ov deuel wuz ovar teh divishun ov teh tribe ov gad.21 den teh kohathitez set out, carryin teh holy things. Teh tabernacle wuz 2 be set up before they arrivd.22 teh divishuns ov teh camp ov efraim went next, undr their standard. Elishama son ov ammihud wuz in command.23 gamaliel son ov pedahzur wuz ovar teh divishun ov teh tribe ov manaseh,24 an abidan son ov gideoni wuz ovar teh divishun ov teh tribe ov benjamin.25 finally, as teh rear guard 4 all teh units, teh divishuns ov teh camp ov dan set out undr their standard. Ahiezr son ov ammishaddai wuz in command.26 pagiel son ov okran wuz ovar teh divishun ov teh tribe ov ashr,27 an ahira son ov enan wuz ovar teh divishun ov teh tribe ov naftali.28 dis wuz teh ordr ov march 4 da israelite divishuns as they set out.29 nao mosez sed 2 hobab son ov reuel teh midianite, mosez fathr-in-law, "we r settin out 4 da place bout which teh lord sed, im gonna giv it 2 u. Come wif us an we will treat u well, 4 da lord has promisd gud things 2 israel."30 he anzwerd, "no, im gonna not go; im goin bak 2 mah own land an mah own peeps."31 but mosez sed, "plz do not leef us. U knoe wer we shud camp in da wildernes, an u can be r eyez.32 if u come wif us, we will share wif u whatevr gud things teh lord givez us."33 so they set out frum teh mountain ov teh lord an traveld 4 3 dais. Teh ark ov teh covenant ov teh lord went before them durin dose 3 dais 2 find them place 2 rest.34 teh cloud ov teh lord wuz ovar them by dai when they set out frum teh camp.35 whenevr teh ark set out, mosez sed, "rize up, lord! Cud ur enemiez be scatterd; Cud ur foez flee before u."36 whenevr it came 2 rest, he sed, "return, lord, 2 teh countles thousandz ov israel."

Numbers 10
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