Matthew 14

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25. OK so iz liek teh nites and Jesus camez out, and he iz srsly wlking ontop teh waterz.

26. Teh dscpls sawed him and ar scured and tehy sayed "OMG haxx!"

27. But Jesus sez "Oh hai! Iz just me. lol."

28. "Hay dood," sez Peter, "I can comez ontop teh waterz plz?"

29. "Yah lol," sez Jesus. Peter comez ontop teh waterz and iz goes to Jesus.

30. But Peter sawed teh windz and he iz scured and he fallz in teh waterz and is liek "Halp!"

31. Jesus halps Peter and sez "U iz stoopid noob becuz u duznt beleev."

Matthew 14
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