Matthew 12

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New Testament
Lord ob teh caturday

1 At dat timez, Jebus wented thru da grain on caturday. his desiples wanted moar cheezburger and wuz in the grainfield, eaten dem grains.2 Wen Fairy-sees sawz dis, dey say to he, "N00b, chou desiples be offendin Ceiling Cat on caturday!!1!1!!."3 Jebus den say, "Hat u not readz abot wotz David didz wen he and him compinoans waz hungryz?"4 He enterz Ceiling Cat's home and eated his cheezburgers, maybe you is read dat.5 or hasnt u readz dat priestz work on caturday but rae stillz inocents?6 iz tell u dat wan greatr than teh temple ist her.7 if youz haz knowz wat deze wordz maen, 'iz desrie mercyz, nots sacrifiece,'u wudz not has condeemened teh inocetn.8 For teh sonz of catz is lord ob teh caturday."9 goings on fromdats place, he wents into der ceiling catz shrines and10 a cat wiv a shwirveled paw was tere. lukingz for a rezon to accuze jeebus, dey asked him "is it lawzful to heelz on caturday?"11 adn jeebus sed to dem," if youz has a sheep adn it fallz in a pit on caturday, wud youz not helpz it out?!12 ofcousre itz lawzful to do gudz on caturday!!1!1!!"13 Den Jebus say, "Giv me ur paw, kthx." Da man doez this, and he wuz resotred.14 But da Fairy-sees went outz adn plotted to killz jeebus.

ceiling catz chozen servent

|15=When Jeebus knowed dis, he went awayz. manyz followed him, and he heeleded allz there sickz because of his book learnings, he /quit da servar. Many pplz copied, and mass joined Jebus' new servar.

He is cured them, but says not to tellz, cuz he DO NOT WANT pplz to mass join.  Dis is cuz Isaiah be sayin dis long agoes:
  "Hear be my ho, who i 
           iz picks.
   my precioious, wit my catness iz
   I puts da Spirit on himz,
     n hez will bring justace 2 da 
    He is not break any reedz
       nor quenche a smalldering wik
     till he is bringing justace to da V
   iN his named agents will be hope
 Den dey is bring sum guy who iz camaflouged, and doesz not see or spaeks. Jebus giv rez, and be not camaflouged. All da pplz say WOWZ!!!!!!!1111eleven and dey say, "Can dis be da Kitten of Ceiling Cat?"  But den da Fairy-sees learn dis, and dey is sayin, "It 

be Belxebul, he is da admin of demonz, and he is give them permabans. Jebus noez dey is saying dis, and say to dem, "Every servar

divided crashes. If iz da admin o da demonz, and i iz banning dem, how culd der b a demon servar?  How can onez be in ur hous, 

stealin ur stuff if dey is not first tye u up? All da LOLcats who iz not wit me, b aganist me. PPlz will b 4given 4 der blashpemeings against Jebus, but not against da Holly Spearat.

 U iz makes da treez good, and its fruit delusious, or iz making da treez bad, and its fruit do not want.  
 OMGZ, WHAT U SAY? U is evilz! Da good pplz find goodz out of mine treasures.  I tellz youz, when da day of judge a ment cometh, 

Ceiling Cat willz know wut u iz doing, and he is axe u to splain urself. If Celing Cat is amazeedb by ur perfeket grammer, u is saved.

 Den, da Fairy-sees say, "Waiii, how we know u iz from tech support?"  Jebus says, u iz evilz if you axe this.  I is not show mai 

IDz, but axe dat guy, Jonah. Jonah wuz in ur sea monster, upgrading its ram 4 tree days and knights, and so i iz be in ur earth, uprgrading ur ram 4 tree days n nights. PPlz will mass join my servar, cuz dey see i upgrade moar ram den Jonah. N emportant pplz sayz, where b Solomon, from tech suppprt, and dey is realize Jebus iz bettur.

 Wen da unclean spirat /quit da perzon, it looks 4 a new servar to join, but all iz p-wurd protectad.  Den it says, "Okai, i 

rejoin ur servar," Wen it coesm, there iz pleanty of emtpy slotz, and no admin. And so it calz its friends and dey mass join da servar, and the servar is

laggier than b4.  Dis is wut uz r.
 Whiles he wuz speak, mothership cat wuz want a wurd.  Some1 say, "Look!!!!!!111 Mothership cat is waitin" But Jebus say, "Who b 

mothership cat?" N den he points to da desiples and says, "U iz mothership cat!" Whoevar doez wut Ceiling Cat does want is mothership cat.

Matthew 12
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