Luke 24

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36. OK so de dissiplez iz together, and Jesus is poof appear and liek "Peaz."

37. They is all liek "hax!"

38. Jesus iz liek "wtf nubs is me."

39. Dissiplez is liek "o rly!" and Jesus is liek "ya rly."

40. Jesus is liek "srlsly guys. chex out my handz and feetz.

41. Dey still not believe, so Jesus is liek "It can haz be food times now?"

42. Dissiplez is liek "here haz fish"

43. Jesus is like "kkthx" and eated teh fish.

44. Jesus is liek "nubs I told joo. it was writed."

45. Den Jesus is liek "I open ur minds."

46. Jesus is liek "srsly. Iz writed teh messiah sufferz and rizez again from teh ded."

47. "Also preech peez with mah namez."

48. He is liek "u r all being teh witnesses."

49. He is liek "I haz presents, but joo needs 2 waits."

50. Den teh Jesus is liek "come out to Bethany" and he is liek "blessins on joo"

51. Wile he blesses he is liek go to heaven. srsly.

52. The disciplez is liek "praise jebus" and goes back to Jerusalems.

53. Then dey is all liek in teh templez, praisin Ceiling Cat.

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