Luke 18

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New Testament
Luke 18
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---Deh Wihdo Kitteh Hoo Wud Not Stop Meown---

1 Den Jebus told his lolcats a storee to teech dem 2 alwayz be prayin to Ceiling Cat n not giffin up.2 "Wuntz upon a tiem, der wuz an offishul tiep kitteh hoo didnt care bout Ceiling Cat or deh udder kittehs, hoo he wuz sposd 2 b heppin.3 And n dat same town der wuz a wihdo kitteh (her huzbun-kitteh wuz ded n she wuz alown). Wihdo kitteh kep askin deh offishul for hep, meown, meown, meown.4 Offishul kitteh wuz meen n wud not hep wihdo kitteh, even tho it wuz his job! Not kewl. But finaleee he sed, 'I duznt care bout Ceiling Cat or deh udder kittehs,5 but dis wihdo kitteh will not stop meown until I hep her, so I gess I will.'6 And Ceiling Cat sed, 'U kittehs heer wat dis meen offishul kitteh sed?7 Do u tink Ceiling Cat will not also heer his kittehs hoo prayz to him all deh timez? Ceiling Cat will not ignore deh meowz of his kittehs. Srsly.8 Ceiling Cat will hep dem, n rite away 2. He wunderz, wen it be Ceiling Cat Kingdom Time, tho, will his kittehs b fatheful 2 him?'"

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